Exchange Enterprise email server features


Exchange Enterprise email server features

Efficiency and capability upgrade

Exchange企業電郵服務 CPU, memory, I/O and mailbox has been upgraded with 64-bit.

Web-based email OWA 2007 (Outlook Web Access 2010)

Exchange企業電郵服務 WebReady Document Viewer: Allows users view WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint and PDF through the browser.

LinkAccess: Users access data through OWA to access the intranet file server instead of VPN.


Exchange企業電郵服務 Exchange ActiveSync (Direct Push): Exchange server can sync email, calendar and contact with your mobile device directly.

You can use any network provider to connect to HSDPA, 3G, GPRS or Wifi without paying roaming charges.

Personal mobile device management: user can remote their device through OWA to clear data or reset password.

Mailbox in mobile devices: direct access mailbox via mobile device.

Email flag setting support: you can use the flag set in the mobile device.

Company regulations and policy

Exchange企業電郵服務 Transport Rule: Company can develop their own IT policy. To monitor incoming and outgoing business email.

Messaging Records Management: Allows IT manager to monitor each user mailbox and archive necessary data.

Journaling: transmission back up for auditing. It can be set for the user and the communication group according to the recipient, sender and mailbox database.

Multiple Mailbox search: Besides text searching, it also provide managers to search mailbox across an organization.

Important message security

Exchange企業電郵服務 Company information encryption: To improve the security between internal staffs messages.

Auto TLS encryption system: use TLS(Transport Layer Security) encryption to complete data delivery between email channel and exchange server.

High availability of built-in email service

Exchange企業電郵服務 CCR; Cluster Continuous Replication: This creates a copy of the database on another node in a Windows failover cluster (there can only be two nodes in a CCR cluster).

LCR; Local Continuous Replication: This approach creates a copy of the database on the same server.

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