Network engineering

Network engineering

Network application

Network set upThe network has become a basic requirement for all companies in this era. Once there is a computer connected to any printer, scanner or modem, all user can share the resources. In addition, data-sharing using network between employees and employers could reduce the failure possibility while sharing data manually.

Moreover, we can custom made a flawless wireless network system to fulfil the customer's need. Also, enjoy the network and wireless internet access services. The following are our range of services of networking::

Local Areas Network Set Up

We use AMP CAT-5e UTP CAT6 UTP cable, panel and plug for network set up. Our price show as below:

Number of cables Cabe/ installation fee(per cable)
1 - 5 $350
6 - 10 $320
11 or above $300

* Addition :
  • All cables are no longer than 100m
  • Fees do not include any renovation
  • Please contact us first if you planning to relocate or renovate your office
  • Fees do not include others network equipment (Such as Hub, Switch)

Data sharing

As mentioned, data are able to share when the network has been set up. Data can be shared as below::

a. File sharing (Such as word, excel etc)
b. Printer (such as HK LaserJet, laser printer)
c. Program (such as PeachTree)
d. Fax and modem
e. Broadband sharing

Please contact 2685 2608 for more information

Broadband sharing

We launched a broadband sharing plan to obtain all users with a single broadband network. Details show as below:

Broadband Router (4 ports) $350
Computer set up (each) $80

For example, your company has 4 computers and all of them need internet access

Broadband fees for each computer ($498 per computer)
- Monthly expend $1992 (4 x$498)

Using our broadband sharing service
- Monthly expend $498, setup fees $1050

Therefore, you have saved all set up fee in the first month!
If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us

Phone: 2685 2608

Server setup

We always recommend our customers to set up a server on the internet. Because a server can integrate all information and centralize various department and employees authority on the network.

For example, there are a lot of confidential documents in the accounting department and others colleagues are not able to read. We can limit the use of the folder in a short period of time for the accounting department to use and change. And other colleagues are not allowed to access those folders.

In security aspect, the server can also monitor your employee's activities. On the other hand, you will be able to know if your employees read a confidential file during non-office hours or attempt to access with another password.

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