Computer Maintenance


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  • On Site Computer Repair Service
  • Data back up
  • Scan and clean up computer virus
  • Apple & Mac Repair
  • Hardware Repair
  • Software Set up
  • Computer operating system repair
  • Broadband Internet Sharing Set up
  • Computer Network Repair
  • Reselling Hardware and Software
  • Computer Hardware Upgrading
  • Iphone / Galaxy S / Ipad / Galaxy Tab Tab email set up

Computer Common Problems

  • Not responding after reboot
  • Could not turn on computer or access to windows
  • Could not turn on computer and blue screen shown
  • Have 'Bee' sounds while turning on the computer
  • Blue screen showed suddenly
  • Could not access to any browsers
  • Pop up Ad keeps shown in browsers
  • Computer virus
  • Cannot connect to printer
  • Cannot receive and send email
  • Cannot sync with smart phones/li>
  • Computer shut down itself
  • Computer crash and manual turn off needed
  • Computer speed slowing down

Self-check before computer repair

  • Double check cable and electronic connection
  • Make sure all username and password are updated
  • Update your Anti-virus software data base
  • Expire date of the software and hardware)


  • Find an experienced computer repair company
  • The company should have it direct contact details including company address, email and website
  • Experienced computer repair and certificated with Microsoft Certified Professional engineers are essential

After use

  • Install genuine software
  • Install anti-virus software
  • Update computer system regularly
  • Avoid download and install unknown program or software
  • Avoid download and install BT, foxy

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