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You can sell your hosting service to your customers without spending your own equipment. As the world largest hosting provider, we sure that your money will buy you the best hosting service. You can combine our hosting service with your services such as web-development, marketing, languages translate and more. As a result, there is an opportunity to have a high potential for profit and margin.

Join us to open your web hosting account with standard price. So we can register you as our distributor and give you a username and password to order online directly. You can choose any hosting plan and will receive 30% discount.

Moreover, we can build your own server, such as: ns1.(yourdomain).com. It can protect your identity while maintaining your server and domain service. It will be a good deal if you have multiple distribute account. Monthly fee is only US$10 (HK$78)

General Question

Will clients know that I'm reselling your account?
No, Concord will not disturb your client. We will not contact your clients directly within your permission. Also, we can build a server under your name.

Who will provide technical support?
You will provide technical support to your clients and we will provide technical support to you.

Who will register domain?
We are the one to register domain.

Who will pay for the domain registration fee?
You need to pay for the domain registration fee.

What will shows on domain registration?
Your clients will be admiration contact and you will be technical and account contact.

Can I resell my storage space?
You can build a sub-catalogue to your customers, so their URLs will looks like www.yourdomain.com/clientname You can purchase more storage if you needed. However, concord will not provide individual username and passwords for these sub-catalogue.

Can I use concord file?
Yes, but we recommend to write your own file therefore you will have a better identity to represent your company.

Do you accept credit card payment?
Yes, you can update your credit card details so our system can proceed the payment through credit card.

How can I start my plan of being a distributor?
You need to apply for our distributors list and you will have 30% off for another account purchase.

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