Computer Maintenance


Money saving tips

- We will analysis your business needs and in response to the results with a comprehensive plan. To avoid any unnecessary costs, we do have a couple tips to save your money.

Case study

The company's computers often have different types of problems. It will be a heavy loss when the server stopped working and employees are unable to work. In addition, the company need to outsource some of the IT works.

Therefore, we launched the 'Money saver service':

Monthly plan services:

  • Monthly on-site computer maintenance and repair (two hours as one section)
  • Service include: hardware and software installation, computer virus cleans up, data back up, network update
  • Engineer working hours:
    Mon-Fri 0900 – 1600
    Sat 0900 – 1300
  • Strong technical team – we have a wide range of professional to handle different types of issues.

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